Top reasons to choose prefabricated housing (infographic)

 Top reasons to choose prefabricated housing (infographic)

Housing is a very topical issue in many countries. Homelessness is a real problem and at the crux of the matter for a lot of people is the affordability of homes and also the lack of available housing. As a result, we have seen the rise of prefabricated housing as a viable option for a living space.

Once seen as a temporary measure and more often used in commercial instances or sometimes schools, prefabricated housing has come a long way. It is now fully customizable and can be made extremely functional and comfortable in terms of a home.

There are many advantages to prefabricated houses, and one of them is the pace at which they can be made ready for use. In comparison to regular building projects, the difference can be huge with regular building projects having the propensity to take a lot of time and being susceptible to many delays and issues throughout many of the different stages. With prefabricated housing, the completion date can be safely predicted in advance which means it will be a lot less stressful and also will allow for easier planning.

This infographic from gives a detailed background as to the growth in the presence and use of these types of homes. It shows the advantages and drawbacks and also gives some interesting industry insight into the homes as well as explaining how prefabricated houses are constructed. Check it out below.


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