Try watering your lawn at night for healthier grass

Try watering your lawn at night for healthier grass

While a lot of lawn care experts will tell you to water your grass in the morning or evening, new research shows otherwise.

"Water your lawn at night," agricultural researcher Winston Kao said in a recent interview on the Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water radio show. The recommendation, Kao realizes, goes against nearly all available information about lawn and grass care. Kao has discovered that night lawn watering enables grass to utilize water far more efficiently. Kao’s own lawn utilizes water so efficiently that he doesn’t water at all

Winston Kao is an agricultural scientist, entrepreneur and educator from Clearwater, Florida, and owner of "Go Beyond organic." Kao is well known for his breakthrough research findings regarding soil, water, lawn and gardening.

According to Kao, water vapor migrates upward during the day and downward at night. Lawn grass, and all other green plants, live by combining water and carbon dioxide in a process called photosynthesis to manufacture sugar, which they burn for energy.

Photosynthesis is only possible in daylight and productivity peaks in the morning and evening. Water's tendency to evaporate is strongest in the heat of the afternoon. Many plants, including grass, attempt to slow this upward migration of water vapor by shutting down.

Watering your lawn in daytime, says Kao, could result in up to 80 percent of the water being lost to evaporation. By watering your lawn at night, when water collects on grass and leaves, much less water is lost to evaporation. According to Kao, keeping grass and garden plants well nourished, and maintaining a high ratio of organic material in the soil, should also increase the ability of the lawn, garden and soil to retain and utilize water.

Kao never waters his own lawn but keeps it green by mowing the grass and providing natural fertilizers with a high organic content. Kao lives in Florida, where it rains year round but even in regions of summer drought, his research has discovered, the need for lawn watering could be greatly reduced with proper education about lawn care techniques.

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