Turn any home into a smart home in one second

Smart homes sound intimidating, with lots of wiring and programming to make all the components communicate.

Now, a new product, the Switchmate light switch can turn any home into the "One-Second Smart Home."

The Switchmate light switch is the first smart home product that can be used with absolutely no installation, configuration, tools or wiring. The sleek light switch magnetically attaches instantly to any standard light switch so consumers can immediately control it with the Switchmate companion app. The Switchmate light switch launch follows the response to the company's Indiegogo campaign in 2015.

"Today's consumers want to make their homes smarter, but the complex integration barrier to entry has been too high for the mass market consumer," said Dean Finnegan, CEO, Switchmate. "We've changed all that with the Switchmate light switch. It turns any home into the 'One-Second Smart Home' since it comes configured right out of the box and instantly attaches to any standard light switch. Our customers can snap, tap and start… it's that simple. With Switchmate, we're opening up the market and making smart lighting accessible to everyone for the first time."

Provide security and peace of mind

Switchmate smart light switches provide peace of mind and security to consumers, who can have lighting controls always at their fingertips on their smartphone.  Also, even homes without WiFi can now enjoy smart home technology, since Switchmate uses Bluetooth connectivity to connect the device and the app.

Switchmate works automatically, allowing customers to begin using the product immediately via the convenient default setting on the Switchmate app. The "Welcome Home" feature automatically turns lights on by sensing the smart phone when returning home or entering rooms. Also, customers can use the intuitive Switchmate app to personalize their lighting in mere moments, including setting timers to turn on and off lights automatically at preferred hours.

No Installation or Wiring
The thin and light Switchmate light switches instantly attach over existing light switches (rocker or toggle) with powerful magnets, eliminating the need for rewiring and configuration that is complicated and requires tools and expertise that most consumers don't have. Alternatively, installation by a professional is expensive and invasive.

Also, since Switchmate light switches are connected by magnets, they can be moved conveniently to another location when needed. This is an added bonus for anyone who rents and isn't able to make permanent changes to their residence.

Consumers simply download and activate the Switchmate app onto any smartphone (iOS or Android) and instantly control their lighting. Unlike most smart lighting products that can only be used via an accompanying app, the Switchmate gives users the extra convenience of manual operation at the switch plate itself when preferred.

The switches are available in white and beige to match existing light switches in most home décor, and use two AA batteries that last up to one year.

Availability and Pricing
Switchmate light switches are available at an MSRP of $39.99 starting in May 2016. They will be available at national retailers with more than 9,000 storefronts this year.

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