Warmboard expanding radiant heat flooring options

This year marks the 10-year anniversary since Warmboard, Inc., which manufactures energy-efficient radiant heating panels, opened its doors. Warmboard's patented and award-winning design continues to set the standard as the most energy-efficient radiant heating product on the market, lowering energy bills and dramatically improving indoor air quality.

In spite of the struggling housing market and economy, Warmboard has expanded their share of the radiant industry with a unique design that generates heat from low water temperatures for green and cost-effective heating.

"Warmboard saves many of our clients thousands of dollars annually on energy bills. Our lower water temperatures allow for seamless integration with solar and geothermal energy sources, further reducing environmental impact," said Tony Gasparich, president and COO of Warmboard.

The original Warmboard radiant panel is also a code-approved, structural subfloor. A new product, Warmboard-R, a retrofit product, is a smaller, thinner radiant panel designed specifically for remodels and home improvement projects.

"Warmboard-R continues our tradition of redefining indoor comfort and we have seen an extraordinary response from homeowners and remodelers. For anyone looking to upgrade their current residence, Warmboard-R is the ideal solution," said Terry Alsberg, founder and CEO of Warmboard.

Compared to common forced-air systems, Warmboard greatly improves indoor air quality, reducing the amount of dust, allergens and mold spores in a home. Asthma attacks and allergies can be noticeably reduced.

For those pursuing energy-neutral, also known as net zero, environments, where the amount of energy generated by the house is equal to or greater than the amount consumed, Warmboard can be ideal. Their responsible manufacturing process, sustainable materials, energy-efficiency and improved indoor air quality generate LEED points.

Noteworthy gains in 2012 include:

  • Expansion into Canada, with new offices in Vancouver and Toronto.
  • Surpassed 25 million square feet in sales, with installations on every continent, including Antarctica.
  • Participation in Sunset Magazine's 2012 Idea Home, highlighting green living and the ease of installing into a modular home.
  • The launch of a new, industry-leading website based on a responsive design, enabling faster and easier access from mobile devices, tablet or desktop machines.
  • The release of several thermographic videos illustrating Warmboard's performance. 

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