What are your kitchen and bath design preferences?

 What are your kitchen and bath design preferences?

From urban renters to first-time homeowners, kitchen and bath design preferences can vary but quality and appearance rank supreme.

According to a recent Delta Faucet Company global survey, when designing a bathroom, quality is the most important factor in China (82%) and Brazil (69%), whereas appearance is more important in India (68%) and the UAE (66%).

"Trends, insights and inspiration differ across key regions of the world, especially as they relate to home design," said Judd Lord, Delta Faucet Company senior director of industrial design. "Researching and tapping into consumer preferences -- including what they seek and where they turn for inspiration -- helps propel our growth as the Delta and Brizo brands continue to inspire, motivate and excite our consumers in the kitchen and bath spaces."

The survey found nearly 4 in 5 people research new ideas about home decor or design as soon as they happen to discover them. While UAE residents (55%) are most likely to visit furniture stores for ideas, half of those in the Philippines (50%) visit kitchen and bath showrooms for inspiration. Conversely, 55% of those in India admit to taking photos of other people's homes for ideas.

Other consumer findings unveiled in the study include:

Lights, Camera, Toilet. The toilet is the most noticed bathroom feature in most countries, including the Philippines (78%), Colombia (78%), China (70%) and the UAE (61%). However, lighting takes center stage in Brazil (61%) and flooring is most noticed in India (63%)

Faucet Upgrades. Among all countries surveyed, 3 in 4 people have recently spent money renovating their bathrooms, with more than half saying they changed their faucets

Are Homeowners More Knowledgeable? While personal experience in home décor and design ranks high across all countries, homeowners believe they are more knowledgeable than non-homeowners. India is the only country where home décor and design knowledge is ranked equally among homeowners and non-homeowners

Contemporary vs. Traditional Style. Contemporary décor and design is more popular in Brazil (54%), Colombia (50%), China (44%) and the Philippines (39%) while both traditional and contemporary are nearly equal in preference among those surveyed in India (39% contemporary, 34% traditional) and the UAE (36% and 31%, respectively)

Interior Decorators Required. Homeowners are more likely to have used an interior decorator in the past 5 years than non-homeowners and those in India lean on experts the most. Two-thirds of India residents (67%) have used an interior decorator in the past 5 years

Influential Voices. Interior decorators are the leading source for renovation ideas in India (45%), while friends and family serve as leading sources in the Philippines (47%) and UAE (34%), and magazines inspire Brazilians (46%) and Colombians (38%)

Renovation Involvement. More than 9 in 10 of those surveyed want to be involved in any home renovations with about 3 in 4 noting their likeliness to hire architects or contractors to help design and install renovation elements. Homeowners in the UAE are more likely to want to spearhead the renovations as compared to other countries surveyed

Show Me the Money. In the past 5 years, Chinese residents spent the most, on average, on renovations ($10,895), followed by Brazilians ($8,070), while Colombians spent the least ($5,132)

Upgrade or Urgency? Renovation rationale varies among countries and includes the desire to increase the value of the home in China (46%) and Brazil (34%), update an outdated space in Colombia (38%) and India (33%), or renovations that were strongly driven by necessity / urgent repairs in the Philippines (43%)

"Consumer habits and insights influence our research and development process to ensure we work to meet the demands of people's design preferences worldwide," said Susan Fisher, vice president of marketing for Delta Faucet Company. "This study identified a wide variety of kitchen and bath preferences and approaches with one universal finding: consumers prefer distinctive design and reliable performance in every corner of the world."

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