Wi-Fi connected ovens let you cook without being in the kitchen (video)

Wi-Fi connected ovens let you cook without being in the kitchen (video)

Smart homes and appliances are freeing homeowners from some of the drudgery of daily chores. GE's new wall ovens feature Wi-Fi connectivity and control through a smart phone app that lets you get out of the kitchen and still stay in control.

With the new technology, homeowners can preheat, set the timer, change the temperature or cooking function, and check cooking status while managing activities, such as gardening or homework with the kids. The current feature allows control via mobile app from within the home or yard, and a remote option will be available as an upgrade at a later date.

"If you want to preheat your oven while doing laundry, our new GE wall ovens can help," said Jon Bostock, marketing manager, cooking appliances, GE Appliances. "Don't worry about burning a casserole while you're doing the things that matter most, such as playing with your daughter in the yard. GE's app will notify you when the cook time is complete, so you can turn off the oven remotely."

The features are available with iPhone and Android that app lets consumers remotely control the Brillion-enabled ovens with Wi-Fi access.

Perfect for remodeling and easy to use, the new GE wall ovens will fit in 75 percent of existing wall oven cutouts already in consumers' homes.

The new wall ovens also feature the latest cooking technology: True European Convection with Direct Air. New vents on the top of the oven cavity focus air directly on the food providing significantly increased air flow and great cooking performance.

The new technology makes it easier than ever for aspiring home cooks to evenly bake food from perfectly browned pies to expertly crisped turkeys.

The Direct Air convection system distributes heated air from two sources -- both the top and back wall of the oven depending on the cooking mode. Unlike most convection systems, the oven's fans can reverse in direction and operate at multiple speeds.

In addition to even cooking, convection ovens cook many foods faster. "Shorter cooking times are a huge bonus for today's busy families and people who like to entertain," said Bostock. 

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