Will it flush? Toilet app shows off the power of water-saving toilets

Toilet vs. Banana?

Toilet Challenge AppTest a toilet’s flushing power against common household adversaries such as golf balls, kid’s clay, cat litter, chicken nuggets and yes, bananas, with the Toilet Challenge App. Toilet-maker American Standard offers the app that features videos demonstrating how the company’s water-saving toilets fare against a variety of materials that are not normally supposed to go in the bowl.

American Standard actually test flushed these items to show how its toilets will perform in
real-world situations without the need for a plunger. Do we have to say it? Don’t try this at home.

The app was developed to showcase the power of new toilets that use less water than previous models without giving up flushing power.

American Standard’s water-saving toilets are capable of discarding more than 2.2 pounds of solids, without double flushing or clogging. The company’s toilets feature superior flushing performance, fully glazed trapways and the industry’s largest flush valves designed to drive more water through the bowl for greater flushing power. Models such as the FloWise 1.28 gallons per flush (gpf) High Efficiency Toilets (HET) meet strict water efficiency criteria, earning them WaterSense-certification.

The American Standard Toilet Challenge app features:

  • Videos of American Standard toilets as they go head-to-head with everyday flushing obstacles to answer the question, “Will It Flush?”
  • Direct links to product specifications to determine which performance toilet product best suits individual needs.
  • Information about toilet technology available through direct social media feeds.
  • Nearby retail locations or online outlets where a specific American Standard performance toilet can be purchased conveniently from a smartphone.

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Companies: American Standard

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