Window films deliver an extra layer of efficiency

Window films deliver an extra layer of efficiency

To manage solar heat gain through windows, window film offers an ideal solution for architects, building project managers, and business and homeowners who seek to make buildings and homes visually appealing, environmentally friendly and cost efficient.

Eastman Chemical Company’s IQue Window Films, manufactured by the Solutia Inc.  subsidiary is capable of rejecting up to 60 percent of the solar energy while allowing natural daylight to be transmitted through glass windows.

Benefit of IQue window film include:

  •  Retain the transparency of natural glass while offering superior energy saving capabilities.
  • The crystal-clear film also blocks up to 96 percent of infrared light without compromising visibility while still allowing as much as 58% of daylight to pass through, thus resulting in a solar heat gain coefficient of 0.44.
  • Achieves the lowest ever visible light reflectivity of 7 percent, retaining the transparency of natural glass.

Additional background on the technology:

An award-winning technology, voted one of the Top 100 Inventions of the Millennium by Popular Science Magazine, IQue Generation II film has the ability to reject up to 60 percent of solar energy.

The materials used in the sputtering process include a range of precious metals like Indium (In), Titanium (Ti), Silver (Ag), etc. These precious metals are deposited onto a transparent thin film, resulting in a high performance solar control film that achieves a solar heat gain coefficient (SGHC) of 0.44 while allowing as much as 58 percent of daylight through the glass windows.

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