Wise Wattage: 5 Ways to Lower Your Power Bill This Summer

Wise Wattage: 5 Ways to Lower Your Power Bill This Summer

People love summer because it's warm. However, those higher temperatures can quickly turn to a negative when it becomes unbearably hot. You might long to make your house cool, but not want to deal with the higher energy bills that come with that. Thankfully, there are ways to diminish your energy expenses while keeping your house cool. Here are five ways to lower your power bill this summer.

Repaint Your House
You know how wearing a black t-shirt on a hot day is a bad idea, as the black material means you absorb sun rays easily? The same applies for your home. If your house has a particularly dark colored paint job, you can expect to feel much warmer than you would otherwise. Hire a professional painting company to make your walls a brighter color of your choice, and you'll soon realize what a difference it makes for your overall comfort levels.

Update Your Air Conditioning
Air conditioning is one of the most renowned modern technological innovations. Unfortunately, while it can provide relief from the heat, it can also jump your energy bills substantially if you're not careful. One of the best decisions you can make for your wallet and the environment is to update your air conditioning to be more energy efficient. This isn’t something to try and tackle on your own, but rather you should look into hiring a professional like All American Air & Electric, Inc. or someone similar that you recognize and trust. You'll be able to enjoy a system that runs way more efficiently and know that you're doing your part for the environment.

Hang Damp Towels
This a MacGyver-type solution to a hot house that's easy to implement. Go to your bathroom or linens closet and retrieve a towel. Wet it a bit and then drape it over a window. The water on the towel will evaporate and create an air conditioning effect for your house. For best results, make sure the color of the towel isn't dark.

Make Your Ceiling Fans Run Counterclockwise
A ceiling fan might not seem like the most effective way to cool down, but a simple flip of a switch can make a big difference. Before running a ceiling fan, check to see whether the switch is set for counterclockwise. If it's not, switch it so that it is. This change in the air circulation will make a big difference when it comes to keeping your house cool.

Change Your Bedding
Do you find yourself tossing and turning on hot summer nights? The solution might be right on top of you. Heavy fleece blankets and sheets can make you uncomfortably warm. When it gets hot, you should put those in the closet and opt for more pleasant cotton materials. You should also consider wearing lighter pajamas if your current ones are too heavy.

Staying cool in the summer doesn't need to be a matter of breaking the bank. There are plenty of solutions that'll allow you stay cool while keeping your finances in check. Best of all, most of them are easy are take no time to implement. 

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