Would you walk around in your underwear to save on utility costs? (Infographic)

About one third of the homeowners in a recent survey said they are willing to walk around in their undergarments rather than spend money to cool their home during the summer.

That's just one of the indicators of a growing awareness of energy efficiency from the second annual Lennox “Home Energy Report Card.”

The survey found that about 98 percent of homeowners attempt to conserve energy but many need to do more to graduate with honors in energy efficiency.

Less than a quarter of homeowners feel they have earned an “A” grade in home energy conservation, while 77% give themselves “B” or worse.

The motivation for energy conservation is driven by saving money (57%, -7 from 2011), but the importance of protecting the environment is gaining ground (38%, +4).

If additional energy conservation was necessary, homeowners reported they are more likely to turn off their TV (23%), computer (16%), and not charge their cell phone (16%) rather than shut off their air conditioner (14%).

33% of homeowners would rather walk around in their undergarments than spend money to cool down the house during the summer.

Nearly three quarters (73%) of homeowners adjust the air conditioning while performing everyday activities such as sleeping (59%), entertaining (47%), cooking (24%) and exercising (24%). 

How would you respond to these questions?

 Home energy grades

 Entertaining energyRead more about energy-efficient appliances.

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