Restored 1800s Dairy Barn Celebrates Timeless Style

A unique Wyoming house by JLF Design Build was resurrected from a 19th-century Montana dairy barn and rebuilt stone by stone on a former Wyoming cattle ranch. Recognized recently by Country Living, House Beautiful and Cowgirl magazines, the 10-year-old repurposed structure’s architecture and construction reveal a history deeply rooted in the West.

The recent media attention to JLF Design Build's design and construction of The Creamery, a stunning family house on the outskirts of Jackson, Wyoming, confirms that timeless architecture never goes out of style. Built a decade ago, the house sits ethereally on the edge of pond at the base of the Tetons.


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The stone structure was salvaged from a farm in Montana and reconstructed in Jackson Hole with painstaking care to restore the authentic craftsmanship and rugged austerity of the original 1800s-era dairy barn while making it modern and livable. Replicating artisanal construction techniques, JLF Design Build crafts houses that appear to grow organically from the site.


Highlighting the house’s architectural beauty and construction expertise, Cowgirl Magazinerecently featured The Creamery. “The success of the Creamery’s restoration—and a reputation for the seamless blending of old structures with new—can be attributed to the long and collaborative relationships JLF Design Build has developed over the years,” writes the magazine, “including with Landscape Architect Jim Verdone.”

Following Cowgirl’s recognition of the distinct beauty of The Creamery, the house also was featured in Hearst publications’ digital editions of Country Living and House Beautiful. Both magazines celebrate the resurrected 19th-century dairy barn, which was moved, stone by stone, from Montana and reassembled on a former Wyoming cattle ranch.

JLF Design Build’s architecture and construction blends historical materials, forms and details with 21st Century needs. The resulting designs, as with The Creamery, are a contrast of the timeless and the contemporary.

"The relic itself inspired a sense of responsibility to its origins," says Bertelli, who encouraged the antique-loving homeowners to acquire the original barn as “the ultimate antique.” And the new-old house’s eventual plan stayed true to the original with spectacular results. "This building in its existing form, with its scale and proportion, was much purer than any contemporary architectural solution we could have applied. Ultimately doing nothing at all was the genius of the architecture in this project."

The Creamery epitomizes the type of work that JLF Design Build strives to deliver. With offices in Bozeman, Montana, Jackson, Wyoming, and Park City, Utah, JLF Design Build has a foundation in the Rocky Mountain West that combines four decades of experience. The expert team has cultivated a responsive design program known for incorporating materials grounded in place – salvaged 100-year-old hand-hewn timbers, weathered siding, stacked stone, century-old recycled floors – and for assembling the master artisans to craft houses fully at home on the land and constructed with the highest level of quality.

Always, JLF Design Build’s intention is to respect the past with design that will stand the test of time.

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