2016 CES NextGen SmartHome to Feature First-of-its-Kind Water Filtration

Las Vegas, NV — An estimated 220,000+ attendees & media will have the chance to tour the NextGen HomeTV SmartHome, the subject of a new NGHTV original series, from January 19-22, 2016. Located at the entrance to the smart home marketplace of the 2016 CES, the NextGen SmartHome will feature the first-of-its-kind in water filtration by Environmental Water Systems (EWS).

"Smart homes are built with smart products,” states NGHTV’s Executive Producer Paul Barnett. “Of course we will have amazing digital devices and home control, which you would expect in a smart home but you will also see more surprises in how to actually build a smart home!"

EWS is well-known for offering solid protection from common tap water contaminants like chlorine, chloramine, VOCs, THMs, pharmaceuticals and pesticides. Its latest innovation comes in the form of the ESSENTIAL Max Flow, a California-made, compact water filtration unit that features plug-and-play technology and requires no extra faucet. Its small size and powerful filtration capabilities make it the first and only water filtration of its kind.

"Most home buyers and many builders themselves don't realize that there are smart windows, wall board that makes a home stronger, paint that actually makes interior air quality better and water filtration that vastly improves the entire home's water quality," stated Barnett.

EWS has been a leader in whole home water filtration since 1987, and is distributed through more than 700 kitchen and bath showrooms and building and plumbing supply houses throughout the United States. All of its products are engineered and manufactured in California, and in use by hospitals, health centers, military bases, hotels, and thousands of private homes worldwide.


Companies: Environmental Water Systems

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