4 ways to upgrade with clean energy technologies

One of the best ways to protect a home purchase — whether single- or multi-family — is to invest in smart renovations. Thanks to new technology, there are a number of improvement options.

Condo Canada's first to receive LEED platinum

A Markham, Canada, condominium is "LEEDing" the way in sustainability and energy conservation. River Park Condominium, developed by the Markham-based Times Group, has achieved a LEED platinum certification and become the first condominium (10-story-plus building) in Canada to receive the...

HVAC Load Reduction Technology Reduces Carbon Emissions and Saves Building Cost

Building developers are under growing pressure to make a difficult choices.

4 Tips on HRV/ERV System Installation

A poor installation can lead to indoor air quality problems and poor energy efficiency in the home.

New Panasonic ERV Named Best Energy Efficient Product

Intelli-Balance 100 was selected from more than 400 entries in nine categories in consideration for the 2017 Best of IBS Awards

LG introduces U.S. HVAC industry-first VRF 5-ton unit

With the addition of 2- and 5-ton Multi V S models, LG offers homeowners and business owners more energy-efficient air conditioning options.

ERV designed for humidity in southern states (video)

One of the greatest trends in home building today is the move to energy-efficient home design.

Affordable housing project pursues Zero Net Energy retrofits

A California affordable housing project is pursuing using a energy efficient retrofit program on a 100-unit apartment complex to lower costs for residents. LINC Housing, a Department of Energy Better Buildings Challenge multifamily partner has developed, owned or operated quality...

Taco awarded Department of Commerce E Award for Exports

Caption: John Hazen White, Jr., Chairman and CEO of Taco Comfort Solutions holds the U.S. Department of Commerce “E” Award at Monday’s ceremony in Washington, D.C.

ERVs support Passive House brownstone retrofit

As more homes strive to meet Passive House and other tough building standards, whole house mechanical ventilation plays a larger role in delivering a comfortable, durable home.

Can you do a Manual J HVAC calculation in less than 60 seconds?

A new tool enables contractors to leverage the power of big data to measure a home’s HVAC needs before making a house call.

Passive House remodeling project wins award for reduced energy use

The Mamaroneck Passive House won the Urban Green Council`s Power to the People award for the greatest percentage reduction in building energy use.

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