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High Performance Homes, No More Cost

This Best Practices document will provide many new real-world strategies and approaches to building a better high performance home without additional cost.

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DC Current Applications Emerging in an AC Environment as Renewable Energies Grow

Most of us don’t realize that the majority of our energy-efficient equipment we use daily in our homes and businesses runs on direct current. But, the power coming in to our buildings is alternating current. This conversion results in lost energy. A solution to prevent this amount of lost energy is achieved by integrating dedicated DC systems.

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On-Demand Water Heaters: Greater Efficiency and Many Applications

On-demand tankless water heaters are becoming more efficient, and as a result, more accepted in homes. They require no storage tank, heating water directly only when hot water is needed.

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Energy Management: Proud Green Home of Louisville

One of the top goals of the Proud Green Home of Louisville was to create a highly energy efficient yet very livable home.

Prevent Gaps in Wood Flooring

During the winter months, the relative humidity (RH) in our homes drop, causing wood floors to dry out. When that happens, the wood shrinks and small gaps form between the floorboards. There are a number of ways to mitigate this problem and help to preserve the look of your flooring while adding to it’s longevity.

Resource Emerges for Tiny House DIY-ers (Video)

So appealing is the tiny house, that many adventurous DIY-ers have set out to build their own tiny home.

Seattle Developer Completes 3 Net Zero Ready Homes

The builder’s goal is to build every home with the ability to produce the same amount of energy as it consumes.

Top 10 2016 Green Home News Items

Here's a look back at the Top 10 news items for 2016, ranked in ascending order of popularity.

Five places to use bamboo at your home

If you like the look of wood but want a more sustainable alternative, properly sourced and manufactured bamboo products could work for you.

First home certified under Canada's Net Zero Energy program

Reid's Heritage Homes was the first builder in Canada to have a Net Zero Energy (NZE) home qualified under the program.

High performance sheathing solves air sealing challenges

ZIP System sheathing helps this home beat Passive House standards.

Low-Voltage Radiant Heating System is something for Chickens to Crow About

Ingenuity was displayed at the sixth annual Sustainable Backyard Tour in St. Louis City and County. Among the nearly 50 participants’ representations of eco-friendly yards and gardens was an innovative application of STEP Warmfloor’s electric radiant heat for two efficient, eco-friendly applications.

Reclaimed Red Pine Reshaped for Floors and Woodwork (video)

After 124 years in this factory, these timbers and planks will begin a new life.

Subfloor stands up to the weather for a resilient home

One of the characteristics of a well built home is a lack of squeaks in the flooring.

Sub-floor Adhesives Prevent Squeaky Floors

The success of your flooring installation will be determined by the techniques you employ when installing your sub-flooring.

Efficient radiant heating provides "comfort zones"

A 1948 house remodeled in Minnetonka, Minnesota required certain areas to be warmer than others at various times of the day. Creating warm “comfort zones” in some parts of the house reduced the heat in other areas.

Is gas or electric right for your underfloor radiant heating?

Many people building their dream home or renovating a property choose underfloor heating as a source of heat.

Tough drywall handles loads and abuse

New drywall breaks all the rules for hanging things on the wall and standing up to abuse.

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"Green" flooring comes in two basic flavors: 1) Flooring made from sustainable, eco-friendly materials; 2) Flooring that improves the energy-efficiency of the home. Learn more about both sustainable flooring and energy efficient flooring.