Low-VOC paints lead to new market for home painting contractors

Home painting contractors that specialize in low-VOC paints have found that homeowners embrace the opportunity to maintain good indoor air quality for their families. Jonathan Shenk, owner of Greenleaf Painters in Lawrence, N.J., began specializing in green painting for homes...

HRV/ERV systems designed to deliver whole-house ventilation (video)

HRV/ERV systems designed to deliver whole-house ventilation (video)

As indoor air quality becomes a larger issue for homeowners, especially in high performance homes with a tight building envelope, HVAC manufacturers are responding with ventilation systems to improve the quality of air. Broan, a ventilation solution provider for residential...

3 ways to use low-VOC paint in your green home

3 ways to use low-VOC paint in your green home

Many people say they love the smell of a freshly painted room. But what they’re really inhaling are volatile organic compounds.

KB Home's new eco-home saves water and energy

KB Home's new eco-home saves water and energy

The new green home from KB Home is designed to achieve both net-zero status and also use zero fresh water for irrigation based on use by a family of four or more. KB Home unveiled the first ZeroHouse 2.0 in...

How to use spray foam insulation to make your home more energy efficient

How to use spray foam insulation to make your home more energy efficient

It is often easy to dismiss the slightest hint of a draft from a light switch or outlet box. Or, the small amount of air movement from an entrance door.

Exterior paint line adds Microban to battle bacteria, mold and mildew

Davis-Frost launched its Weatherhide line of exterior paint with Microban antimicrobial technology, the first paint company to use the Microban brand in exterior paint. Weatherhide brand exterior paint is 100 percent acrylic and comes in a semi-gloss finish for house...

Plant-based paint delivers zero emissions for better indoor air quality

A new eco-friendly paint is made from plant-based products and has zero emissions into the air. Benjamin Moore & Co. released its newest product, Benjamin Moore Natura Renew, the first premium, bio-renewable paint with zero emissions.

Connecticut Passive House wins Net Zero award

Connecticut Passive House wins Net Zero award

A Farmington, Conn., home won the CT Zero Energy Challenge Grand Prize. The award, sponsored by Energize Connecticut, shines a spotlight on "Net Zero" homes, which produce as much energy as they use on an annual basis. For the second...

Take control of your home's air quality with smart window walls systems

Take control of your home's air quality with smart window walls systems

Now your glass wall system can tell you when it's time to let in some fresh air. NanaWall Systems, maker of opening glass wall systems, has launched the NanaWellness System, which continuously monitors indoor air quality in numerous dimensions. This...

New batt insulation manages moisture for better indoor air quality and wall durability

Builders and contractors have a new approach to thermal performance and moisture management with CertainTeed’s new kraft-faced fiberglass batt insulation that contributes to healthier homes and buildings by intelligently managing moisture. CertainTeed’s new SMARTBATT features MoistureSense technology which, unlike traditional...

New WhisperGreen Select ventilation fan debuts at IBS 2014

A highly customizable ventilation fan gives homebuilders and contractors new options to ensure good indoor air quality. Panasonic Eco Products Division introduced the new WhisperGreen Select at the 2014 International Builders’ Show is the ideal all-purpose IAQ solution. WhisperGreen Select...

Kitchen cabinet manufacturers launch environmental stewardship program

To promote sustainable environmental practices, the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association (KCMA) has launched a program to recognize dealers and retailers who sell cabinets certified by the KCMA Environmental Stewardship Program (ESP). Through a new Authorized ESP Dealer recognition program, retailers...

Is the paint in your home making your family sick?

Is the paint in your home making your family sick?

The chemicals and allergens commonly found in building materials contribute to all kinds of illnesses, especially asthma. What does asthma have to do with the paint on your walls? Most household paints have chemicals that aggravate asthma, and some could...

Digital sensor controls for ventilation fans boost indoor air quality

Many homes would benefit from ventilation in humid or damp areas of the home, but it’s not energy efficient to leave a fan running all day long. A humidity sensor can monitor humidity levels and activate the ventilation fan when...

Tips to improve your home's indoor air quality

You may not think about the air quality in your home because the problem isn't visible, but that doesn't stop dust, dander or chemicals from polluting your air. Everyday living generates up to 40 pounds of dust in a six-room...

Infrared cameras make home inspections better (guest post)

At first glance, most people think that infrared cameras have super powers, offering the ability to see through solid objects, kind of like x-ray vision. But there’s actually a science behind it, and a fairly complicated one at that.

Is your wood stove ready to burn clean and green? Infographic

More than 12 million American households heat their homes with wood stoves, yet 9 million of those stoves are dirty and inefficient. While damaging, this environmental issue doesn’t mean the end of wood stoves.

Good paint can make for good students

More than half the schools in the U.S. have problems associated with poor indoor air quality, and one of those issues is building materials with a high level of volatile organic compounds. The health and comfort of students and teachers are among the many factors that contribute to learning and productivity in the classroom.

Common building products contributing to rise in asthma

As asthma rates continue to rise, the Healthy Building Network (HBN) warns that new preventive strategies are needed to address this epidemic at its source. This includes avoiding the many building materials introducing asthma-causing chemicals into indoor environment. The materials...

US-made air filter systems on the way to China to fight air pollution (infographic)

As cities in China struggle with air pollution, an American company is shipping air purifiers to Chinese consumers. Smog in Shanghai has closed schools and airports, and cause breathing problems for much of the population. In an unusual export move,...

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