Insulated Wall Panel Eliminates Common Wall Assembly Components

Technology offers a cost-effective alternative to site-built framing.

Magnets Could Power Future Refrigerators

For the past 100 years, the way your fridge preserved your food has been rooted in technology dating back to the mid-1800s, but that is about to change.

High performance sheathing solves air sealing challenges

ZIP System sheathing helps this home beat Passive House standards.

Spray foam industry focuses on training and quality

The spray foam industry is focusing on training and quality of installation as the industry grows.

Spray foam maker tackling environmental challenges

Spray foam manufacturers are improving the environmental impact that was a part of the application process.

Net zero pod home uses spray foam insulation for the thermal envelope

Boatbuilder and architect crafts unique wooden net-zero home.

Continuous wall insulation fights off moisture and energy loss

By including continuous exterior insulation in a wall assembly, builders can deliver a better performing home.

Test homes reveal the secrets of high performance construction

12 test homes are revealing some of the secrets behind the best wall systems.

Wall assembly designed to boost insulation using traditional techniques

The Extended Plate and Beam design features innovative framing techniques, exterior rigid foam and weatherization products.

New wall assembly cuts building costs and boosts energy efficiency

As building codes come to emphasize insulation and air sealing, home builders are looking for affordable wall systems.

Net zero energy demonstration house moving to net zero water operation

While net zero energy for homes has been growing in popularity, net zero water use is the next frontier for high performance homes.

Spice up interior design and comfort with sustainable cork products

Cork left over from the wine bottling process is re-used for cork wall coverings that deliver acoustic and energy-efficiency benefits.

Closed cell spray foam delivers continuous insulation to meet building codes

As building codes come to adopt exterior continuous insulation requirements, new options with familiar products are entering the marketplace.

Insulated sheathing fights thermal bridging in the building envelope

As building codes incorporate continuous insulation, homebuilders are looking for techniques that won't add labor costs.

Spray foam has built-in ignition barrier to save installation time

Spray foam insulation helps homebuilders tackle tough installation challenges and deliver better energy efficiency.

Ty Pennington: What's the behind the walls of your green home?

It's what's on the inside that usually counts the most, and green homes are no exception.

New spray foam insulation reduces environmental impact

Fourth generation spray foam insulation reduces the environmental concerns of the product for use in high performance homes.

Spray foam insulation is easer with a new portable rig

For contractors and builders, spray foam installation is easer with a portable foam rig that has the power of a larger system.

Seal the building envelope with innovative products

Air sealing offers a proven and cost-effective solution for reducing energy expenses and increasing the energy efficiency of a home.

New home plans position ICF for affordable, efficient, storm resistant housing

Four insulated concrete form houses in a low-income housing project in Louisville are among the first built with home plans for affordable housing that could be game changer for residential construction.

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