Use a free online tool to remake your home exterior

Before you pick up a hammer, check out the new LP Design Planner to get some new ideas on how to make your home look and perform better. LP SmartSide engineered wood siding launched the tool to help consumers picture...

Time to prepare for winter as heating costs are expected to rise

Winter is just around the corner and that means that the temperature is going to drop and our energy or gas bill is about to rocket right through the roof. In fact, the Washington Post reports that natural gas, propane, and electricity prices are expected to rise, affecting 94 percent of U.S. households.

Check your doors to cut drafts and utility costs

Check your doors to cut drafts and utility costs

Homeowners should check their doors at least once a year to make certain the units are not leaking air, which can increase heating and cooling bills. "Start by inspecting the weather strip around all sides of every door in your...

Prepare your roof for winter weather

As the winter months approach, a home's first measure of protection against rain and snow is the roof. GAF, North America’s largest Roofing Manufacturer based in New Jersey, offered these tips for how to get your roof ready for the cold winter. 1. Check the roof framing structure to make sure it is not compromised.

5 easy steps to make an eco-friendlier kitchen

Guest post courtesy Chris Long, The Home Depot. Although we would all love to increase our eco-friendliness in the kitchen, it's hard knowing where to start and what options to select. Indeed, when you consider all the moving parts to...

Do you know MERV? Your furnace does

Facing the wall of furnace filters at home store can be frustrating. There are so many choices, and so many prices, it's hard to know what you need to make your furnace perform well and improve indoor air quality. There are filters designed for homes with pets or small children or for people with respiratory conditions.

Go green at home with Made in America products

Many consumers are already participating in the green home revolution, with indoor air quality, water management, and energy efficiency leading their list of concerns. But they can go one step further with products made in the U.S. On a recent...

Insulated attic hatch helps homes meet green building codes

Insulated attic hatch helps homes meet green building codes

With changes to building codes, it's difficult to ensure that an attic access hatch meets the requirements. Insulated attic access doors can help high-performance homes meet the standards. Due to the recent International Residential Code (IRC), International Building Code (IBC)...

5 ways to improve indoor air quality naturally

5 ways to improve indoor air quality naturally

All of us spend way too much time indoors, where the air can actually be worse than outdoor air for your health. Studies from the Environmental Protection Agency have shown levels of pollutants in your home to be at least...

Tighten up to save water during Fix-a-Leak Week

Tighten up to save water during Fix-a-Leak Week

Do your part to stop the flow during the EPA’s annual Fix-a-Leak week, which is March 18-24, 2013. Each year, more than 1 trillion gallons of water leaks from the plumbing in U.S. homes according to the EPA WaterSense Program....

Take care of your roof when winter hits to avoid problems later

Take care of your roof when winter hits to avoid problems later

The first snowfall of the season is picturesque, but the novelty begins to wear off after snow becomes inconvenient and creates damage to a home. Winter weather increases the vulnerability to a homeowner’s roof.

6 tips for energy-efficient windows

Upgrading windows is one way to improve comfort and energy efficiency in a home. The folks at offer up six new technologies in the replacement window market that homeowners should consider. Low-emissivity (low-E) glass keeps heat inside a home in the winter and out of the home in the summer.

Green upgrades help homes sell faster

In Tempe, Ariz., homeowners are adding green upgrades to their homes to help them sell faster. Rick Vullo wanted his home to sell faster so he called on GreenStreet Development to help him make the house more attractive in the...

Congress asked to reinstate popular PACE programs

Congress asked to reinstate popular PACE programs

Builders, architects, home remodelers and solar providers were among representatives from 350 businesses that joined together yesterday to ask Congress to take steps to revive Property Assessed Clean Energy programs. The PACE programs allow commercial and residential property owners to...

Setting the record straight on weatherization

Late last month, Vice President Joe Biden traveled to New Hampshire to reveal that more than 200,000 homes have been weatherized as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, helping U.S. families to reduce energy consumption and cut energy bills.

Loan program for green home upgrades still in limbo

A popular program that allows homeowners to tap low-interest government financing to install energy-efficient solar panels, windows and insulation has stalled, leaving tens of thousands of green improvement projects across the country in limbo. According to the Los Angeles Times,...

USGBC, AIA tap Architecture for Humanity Sustainability Design Fellow

Stacey McMahan, LEED AP, has been chosen to head sustainable rebuilding efforts in Haiti as the country continues the long road to recovery following the disastrous 7.0 magnitude earthquake that rocked the country in January. As the Architecture for Humanity...

New green store helps homeowners to go green in Massachusetts

Figuring out how to renovate or outfit a home in an environmentally-friendly way can be daunting.

Green jobs program to retrofit homes in Charleston

Millions of dollars could come to Charleston over the next three years under a pilot program that gives the city up to $1 million upfront to make homes and businesses more energy efficient. According to Charleston Regional Business Journal, the...

From natural disaster to national example: The Nashville Story

According to, the question before Nashville isn't if their rebuilding efforts will be a success. The indomitable will of its citizens all but assures that.

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