High Performance Homes, No More Cost

This Best Practices document will provide many new real-world strategies and approaches to building a better high performance home without additional cost.

Type: Guide

Sponsor: EEBA

Water Reuse: Trends in Residential Water Recycling and Grey Water Use

As water resources have been increasingly stressed by drought conditions, other shortages and overloaded municipal water treatment plants, water reuse and grey water have become two of the most common topics within the professional sector. This white paper takes a look at residential water reuse and some products that reduce water consumption.

Type: White Paper

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Creating a Building Envelope That Beats Code

In order to build a high performance home, builders need to embrace new technologies and techniques. The results can be greatly improved over traditional approaches. This white paper takes a look at some of the top things homebuilders should consider in choosing a wall system for the best building envelope.

Type: White Paper

Sponsor: Fox Blocks

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Latest green tech ready for every room in your home (infographic)

Forget the flying cars, take off in the home of tomorrow today!

Make your own power with the Top 5 weird energy sources

Tech advances bring us closer to personal power plants.

7 green home trends for 2011

After a tough 2010 in which green home building was one of the few bright spots in the economy, the editors of ProudGreenHome.com are eager for 2011. The items are not necessarily predictions of what may come to pass, but...

3 ways to generate electricity at home

Generate green electricity and cut your utility bills with three residential power-generation technologies.

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While Cogeneration Heat and Power (CHP) is fairly common in commercial and industrial buildings, it is just starting to take off for homes, where it is often known as Micro CHP. Learn more about residential Micro CHP systems and their benefits.