Systems-Built Homes: Many Options and Benefits

For decades, home building systems have provided home owners a wide variety of benefits and features over traditional stick-built homes. Manufacturers utilizing building systems specialize in many different styles of homes and materials. This white paper gives an overview of systems-built homes and the many options and benefits that they offer.

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Systems Built Homes Adapt to Needs of Today's Home in Style, Engineering and Efficiency

According to the Department of Energy, insulation is the number one recommended choice for energy efficiency savings. During the planning of a systems built home, engineers and local dealers work to determine the amount of insulation that provides the best R-value for a home in a specific geographic area.

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Precision Engineering, Breathtaking Beauty and Environmentally Conscious Homes

Famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright said, “No house should ever be on any hill or on anything. It should be of the hill, belonging to it, so hill and house could live together each the happier for the other.” This...

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Infographic | Steps to Build Your Own Log Cabin

The challenge of building your very own log cabin is exciting, but most importantly, it is very achievable.

Tiny Homes: Secrets to Layout & Interior Design

One of the trickiest parts when it comes to making tiny house livable is solving the puzzle of layout and interior design.

Augmented Reality App Places Homes on Empty Lots

New home shoppers can now use augmented reality to visualize what their potential new home may look like on their land.

Google Buys Modular Homes to Solve Housing Crunch

Employers and residents in Silicon Valley have faced a severe housing shortage for years.

New Resources for Modular Building Code Compliance

Off-site construction can provide real solutions to many challenges facing the construction industry today.

First Zero Energy Home in Detroit Under Construction

Phoenix Haus advertises the system as saving owners 90 percent on utilities over the home's lifetime.

Tiny Modular Homes Win Industry Honor

This development was created under firm constraints set by local zoning officials.

Modular Home Builder Introduces Tiny Home Line

This small modular home is designed for permanent living.

Flex House Highlights the Concept of Affordable Right-sized Living

Manifesting the concept of right-sized living, the Flex House is designed to help homeowners use exactly the amount of resources they need.

Prefab Passive House Assembled On Site in 1 Week

Regardless of the weather outside, this 21st Century approach to home building reduces energy consumption by 80 to 90 percent.

High Performance Engineered Wood Homes Win Innovation Award (Video)

It's the fifth award in the past year for Timber Block's panelized building system.

Pre-Fab Solar Farmhouse Blends Style and High Tech

Beneath the rural exterior beats the heart of a high performance leader.

First Cross Laminated Timber Building Rising in New York

CLT construction is an economically and environmentally conscious alternative to steel and concrete construction.

A Look Back: Top 10 2016 Green Home Features

From an innovative use of waste products from door manufacturing to new applications for radiant heating, green home inspiration was a major theme for 2016.

TexZen Tiny Homes Take Over Austin For the Holidays [Photos]

Tiny homes are all the rage around Austin, Texas, and the TexZen Tiny Home Co. has launched its newest model in the time for the holidays. Suzanne Braden, founder of TexZen Tiny Home Co., announced today the completion of the company’s newest tiny home model.

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Prefabricated (prefab) homes are created off-site and sent in sections to make the building process more efficient, reducing jobsite waste and costs.