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7 Ideas for Making Your Home More Energy Efficient Without Breaking the Bank

There’s a fallacy that renovating your house to be environmentally friendly is expensive and time-consuming.

What Size Central Air Conditioner Do I Need ?

People looking to invest in an energy efficient system might be wondering what size air conditioner unit they need.

Noritz Boiler Wins 2017 AHR Expo Innovation Award

The Noritz Combination Boiler delivers hot water for both plumbing and hydronic residential heating applications,

Survey: Strong optimism for HVACR Industry in 2017

36 percent of respondents were unanimous in their belief that energy efficiency remained a key focus for 2017.

New geothermal heat pumps designed for radiant heating options

Hot water baseboards and radiators are one of the most common types of heat distribution systems in North America, second only to forced air heating.

New Service Provides Cost Estimates for Proper HVAC Sizing

It can be hard for homeowners -- and even building professionals -- to determine the best HVAC choices for a home

What types of floor work with underfloor radiant heating?

As you choose the underfloor heating system that is right for your home and budget, you will no doubt, be considering what top layer of floor to opt for.

For kitchens, black stainless steel is the new black

From black to stainless to slate gray and back to black, kitchen appliance finishes continue to evolve to lead design trends.

$30 million rebate program funds HVAC upgrades

Homeowners in Massachusetts can take advantage of a rebate program to upgrade to more efficient heating and cooling systems.

New heat pump designed for harsh northern winters

Air-source heat pumps have had a reputation for not being able to provide enough heat for cold weather climates, but a new model can handle long-term sub-zero temperatures.

High efficiency boiler delivers residential hydronic heating

For residential projects using hydronic heating, a new 95% AFUE boiler offers flexible functionality.

Hot new products: International Builders' Show preview

The focus of the residential and commercial building industry once again turns toward Las Vegas for the 2015 International Builders Show.

New system makes radiant floor heating easier than ever (video)

A new residential radiant heat system offers a full system approach compared to the traditional component-by-component method. To make radiant heating easier for homeowners and building professionals, Warmboard Inc. launched the Total Warmth System, a newly designed system includes Warmsource,...

How does hydronic radiant floor heating work?

Radiant heating using water as the medium to transfer heat is referred to as hydronic radiant heating. Radiant heat provides even temperatures with less effort and, therefore, less expense, than other types of heating.

Radiant floor heating systems work well with alternative energy sources

Many electric radiant floor heating systems are compatible with alternative energy sources, including solar, wind, and hydro power. The direct current generated by solar panels is passed to an inverter for producing alternating current so that the electricity can be used by appliances in the home. For example, systems from FloorHeat System Inc.

Radiant floor heating can combat allergy triggers

People affected by allergies feel like the spring of 2013 was worse than ever before. Early blooming trees and flowers created an abundance of air-born pollen.

Electric radiant heating can transform a house into a dream home

If you're thinking about remodeling your home to make it your dream home, consider radiant heating. It's one of the most common – and luxurious – yet, practical upgrades. In this era of energy awareness, radiant floor heating systems have...

Warmboard expanding radiant heat flooring options

This year marks the 10-year anniversary since Warmboard, Inc., which manufactures energy-efficient radiant heating panels, opened its doors. Warmboard's patented and award-winning design continues to set the standard as the most energy-efficient radiant heating product on the market, lowering energy...

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