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Use Cool Roof Technology for Home Energy Efficiency

Often, the roof is the least energy efficient part of a home. According to Oak Ridge National Laboratory, about 30 percent of a home's energy is used for heating and cooling, and about half of that is due to heated...

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Metal Sales Equips New Net-Zero Energy Prototype Home

The first-ever Proud Green Home built in Serenbe incorporates a variety of green building techniques and products. The home showcases and documents the performance of the latest residential green building technologies and products – much of the home's aesthetic appeal and performance is due to the roof and wall panels from Metal Sales.

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Using Green Building Products and Techniques Saves Time and Money

Some builders tend to focus on energy efficiencies and sustainable initiatives that benefit the homeowner after the home is completed. However, more builders are now realizing that green efforts during the construction phase can save time, money and reduce environmental...

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Sponsor: Norbord, Inc.

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A Look Back: Top 10 2016 Green Home Features

From an innovative use of waste products from door manufacturing to new applications for radiant heating, green home inspiration was a major theme for 2016.

Ply Gem Engineered Cedar Shake Roofing Selected as 2016 Architectural Record Product of the Year [Video]

Ply Gem Roofing Engineered Cedar Shake, which launched in early 2016, is a superior new product in the composite roofing category.

Ply Gem, Darius Rucker Team Up for Habitat For Humanity

The Ply Gem Home for Good project is a multi-year initiative that includes a donation of over $1 million of exterior building products and funds for Habitat for Humanity.

Industry Reacts to Tesla's Solar Roof Plans

There are still a number of roadblocks to success in the solar shingle market that leading developers found insurmountable.

Tesla Announces New Solar Roof Shingles (video)

With 4 to 5 million new roofs installed in the U.S. each year, there's a big opportunity to tap into the power of the sun with solar shingles.

Innovative Green Home Has a New Take on Insulation Inspiration

Innovation comes from those willing to do things just a little differently, and green home building is no exception.

2016 Energy Awareness Month: Bottom-to-Top Energy Tips for the Home

With 25th anniversary of Energy Awareness Month in October, now is the ideal time for builders and home buyers to select energy efficient products for their home.

Flexible Solar Roof Tiles Wrap Around Curves

Compared to crystalline silicon, Sunflare is flexible and light because it does not use a glass substrate and has thinner layers of semiconductors.

Metal Roof Caps Award Winning Green Home

A super high performance home in Connecticut used aluminum roofing to help meet tough green home certifications.

Reclaimed Red Pine Reshaped for Floors and Woodwork (video)

After 124 years in this factory, these timbers and planks will begin a new life.

Engineered cedar offers zero maintenance roofing

Experts says a real cedar roof should received a thorough cleaning every six to eight years, and should be cleared of leaves and debris every year. Nobody has time for that. Fortunately, there's a zero-maintenance alternative to traditional cedar roofing.

Shake up home design with engineered cedar

In addition to the style of the roof, another thing to keep in mind is the service life and maintenance of the roof. Today, there's an alternative that offers a sophisticated beauty with low to zero maintenance over the long life of the roof.

Spray foam roofing system delivers Cool Roof performance

Cool roofs that reflect the sun's energy can significantly reduce the heating load for residential and commercial buildings.

14 Best remodeling and home improvement ideas to increase home value

What are good remodeling and home improvement ideas and which should you avoid when you want to increase the resale value of your house?

Engineered slate roofing is a cost effective option that offers durability and natural appearance

The roof of a home provides protection from moisture and can add valuable visual interest to a home.

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