High Performance Homes, No More Cost

This Best Practices document will provide many new real-world strategies and approaches to building a better high performance home without additional cost.

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Sponsor: EEBA

Water Reuse: Trends in Residential Water Recycling and Grey Water Use

As water resources have been increasingly stressed by drought conditions, other shortages and overloaded municipal water treatment plants, water reuse and grey water have become two of the most common topics within the professional sector. This white paper takes a look at residential water reuse and some products that reduce water consumption.

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Creating a Building Envelope That Beats Code

In order to build a high performance home, builders need to embrace new technologies and techniques. The results can be greatly improved over traditional approaches. This white paper takes a look at some of the top things homebuilders should consider in choosing a wall system for the best building envelope.

Type: White Paper

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Solving the sales puzzle

Experts offer strategies for selling high-performance structures

What's Next? Residential Construction Leaders Predict Green Building Trends

Some builders see high performance building as a differentiator in the market; others adopt a wait-and-see attitude.

New App Empowers DIY Enthusiasts to Tackle Home Improvement Projects

Lots of people are looking for from trustworthy advice to undertake home projects on their own.

High-performance multifamily construction helping drive EEBA agenda

Annual conference and expo to highlight strategies, education sessions and networking for those focused on energy efficient and sustainable building

Making consumers see green

Selling sustainable homes, buildings a matter of properly articulating the value of green building, Greenbuild presenters say.

USGBC report: green building outpacing overall construction growth

The green building sector is outpacing overall construction growth in the U.S. and will account for more than 2.3 million American jobs this year,

Electric tankless water heaters save space, energy and meet new guidelines

With new energy efficiency requirements coming for water heaters, building professionals and homeowners are taking a new look at tankless water heater options

Millennials altering American dream of home ownership

Changing homebuyer demographics are altering the housing market with more emphasis on multi-family residences compared to single family homes.

High performance home demand growing as the market rebounds

Consumers are beginning to understand the value in high performance building, and as the housing market recovers green builders are seeing the benefits.

New film chronicles the Passive House Revolution for green building (video)

The Passive House movement is spreading world wide to reduce residential energy use.

IBS: Ply Gem launches engineered slate roofing line

At the 2014 International Builders' Show, John Stephenson, vice president of marketing for Ply Gem, unveils the company's first venture into roofing with the debut of new engineered slate roofing. Ply Gem, a manufacturer of exterior building products, added roofing to its extensive lineup of more than 20 exterior home product categories.

Radiant barrier roof panels cut construction time and home cooling loads (video)

One roof sheathing panel protects the interior and exterior during and after construction. 

Discover the pros of modular buildings over traditional buildings

The word “Modular” itself suggests several different things that depend on the way it is actually employed. When one utilizes the word modular, one need to ensure that the word is used in proper context and that too within the situation one refers to modular houses.

IBS: Lennox focuses on home comfort solutions

Home comfort comes down to heating and air conditioning and indoor air quality. Lennox Industries displayed products at the 2014 International Builders’ Show that were targeted at homeowners and builders who want a high degree of home comfort as well...

IBS: WaterFurnace delivers high-efficiency geothermal heat pump

Highly efficient geothermal heating and cooling systems can be even more efficient with variable speed components. At the 2014 International Builders’ Show, Dave Salyer, product manager for WaterFurnace, explains the advantages of the variable speed components of the 7 Series...

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