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Fight the Health Hazards Hiding in Your Water

Even in countries like the United States, clean, healthy drinking water is under assault. Our municipal authorities are fighting a losing battle as more chemicals and pollutants wind up in our drinking water every year. This guide identifies the potential hazards in your water supply and what you can do to protect your home and family from them.

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Busting the Myths of Bottled Water

This white paper tackles some of the myths surrounding bottled water. Once you know the real story, bottled water simply doesn't add up.

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What You Need to Know About Hard Water

Much of the water in the United States is considered hard, which means it contains a high level of minerals, usually calcium and magnesium. This white paper identifies some things you should keep in mind if you're thinking about a water softener.

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Survey: More People Aware of Lead Contamination in Water

Awareness of water quality issues and contaminants that might affect water quality has risen over the past two years.

See the Story Behind EWS and Our Passion for Clean Water

Everyone wants to drink healthy water in their homes. But it's not always easy to know the best way to provide it for your family.

4 Plumbing Tips That Will Help You Conserve More Water at Home

Many people are able to save hundreds of gallons of water every year with a few plumbing upgrades and lifestyle changes.

Water Conservation is the Next Big Challenge for Home Builders

As energy efficiency continues to improve, water conservation is becoming the next frontier in residential building.

NAHB Names Best of IBS 2017 Product Winners

The awards were given in nine categories, plus an overall Best in Show award.

Safe Water Can Change a Community (video)

The reality is that there is a simple, cost-effective, scalable and easily adoptable way to kill bacteria and viruses in water.

Survey: Majority of Americans Concerned About Water Safety

73% of Americans have never had their water tested for impurities.

High tech pipes improve water use efficiency

For builders who want to get the most out of a plumbing system, the choice of piping material has a long-term impact on the project.

Max Flow filtration system will part of Rebuilding Together's veteran's home donation

The donation of this NextGen modular home is part of the mission of Rebuilding Together Valley of the Sun to provide a brand new home to a veteran in need.

Bio-Microbics acquisition expands gray water product line

Properties wanting to reduce their energy and water consumption levels have a new step forward in water recycling.

Reduce stormwater runoff to control pollution from your home

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, 80 percent of pollution to the marine environment comes from the land.

Eliminate laundry odors

Ever wonder how to fix “stinky” smelling towels or those horrible sweaty gym clothes? Here is a quick, cheap fix so solve your problem.

Water spots driving you crazy? Here’s how to get rid of them

We all know that various types of air filters are available to help alleviate the issue of dust particles and allergens to provide a healthier breathing environment and less dust on the furniture. Water – like air – also leaves something behind, as it contains naturally found minerals that will leave a residue when left to dry on its own.

Water-saving technologies battle drought conditions

Low-flow toilets and other technology innovations can help save water in every home, and each step can make a difference.

Whole house water filtration provides homeowners with quality water

Homeowners are aware of the benefits of removing chlorine, pharmaceuticals, and other chemicals from their tap water, resulting in a $1 billion+ demand for in-home water filtration. Grow your business and add value to your projects by offering the convenience...

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