High-performance window installation is the key to this Passive House (Video)

High-performance window installation is the key to this Passive House (Video)

Installation of the high performance windows will make all the difference in the ultimate efficiency of the The Pumpkin Ridge Passive House, built near Portland by Hammer & Hand. The home uses Zola Windows, based in Boulder, Col., that were...

Low-E window films boost energy efficiency on a budget

Low-E window films boost energy efficiency on a budget

If installing new high-performance windows is not in your budget, give your heating and cooling system a break with low-E film on your windows. Low-emissive or low-E film, commonly found in the best multi-pane windows, controls the movement of heat...

Solar skylight lets the sun in and hot air out (Video)

Solar skylight lets the sun in and hot air out (Video)

Skylights can be a great way to let sunshine into your house and releasing hot stuffy air without running the air conditioner. However, depending on the house it can be difficult to open or to run wiring for a remote opener.  The Solar Powered Fresh Air Skylight from Velux can take care of those problems.

Energy-efficient entry doors high on homebuyers' priority list

Energy-efficient entry doors high on homebuyers' priority list

According to the 2012 National Association of Home Builders™ (NAHB®) “What Home Buyers Really Want” study, new and potential home buyers focus in on quality and appearance when looking at the exterior doors of a home. And, the focus on...

New skylights with high R-values meet stringent building codes

Designing daylight into a home can cut lighting use significantly, but skylights have been a source of heat loss. However, Wasco Skylight Products introduced two new unit skylights, the EcoSky and EcoSky3. These glare-free skylights superior thermal performance for cradle...

Net-zero home makes the grade with energy efficient windows and doors

A new Arizona home is taking energy efficiency to new levels with an expected HERS rating of -17. The HERS, or Home Energy Rating System, index is an analysis of how energy efficient a home is compared to similar homes....

Outsmart solar heat gain with dynamic glass technology (Video)

Once found only in commercial buildings, dynamic glass is making its way into the residential sector. SAGE is providing its patented SageGlass® dynamic glass for NextGen TV’s new online TV series “The First to the Future” home. Being built by...

Energy-efficient doors qualify for federal tax credits

Energy-efficient doors qualify for federal tax credits

If you're in the market for a fiberglass entry door, look for one with the ENERGY STAR label to qualify for federal tax credits. With the approval of the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012, homeowners who made energy efficient...

Tax credits available for ENERGY STAR qualified windows and doors

Tax credits available for ENERGY STAR qualified windows and doors

Thinking about replacing windows and doors in your home with energy-efficient upgrades? Uncle Sam will make it a little easier through 2013, thanks to the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012. The legislation provides federal tax credits for homeowners who...

New tax credits available for energy-efficient window films

As part of the Fiscal Cliff legislation, tax credits for home energy efficiency improvements were extended. Products such as window film installed in residential structures qualify for the tax credit.It is an incentive that covers 10 percent of window film material cost, with a maximum total credit of $500.

DuPont brush-on flashing makes window sealing easier

For architects, builders and contractors, it just got easier to seal door and window openings in homes under construction. DuPont has launched the Tyvek Fluid Applied Flashing - Brush Formulation, which is a brush applied, vapor permeable elastomeric flashing material...

Stealth tech winds up in net zero home-worthy windows

Military stealth technology finds its way into windows and doors designed to insulate and block air and water filtration are part of BASF's BEYOND.High Performance net-zero energy home at the International Builders Show. The MI windows selected for the home...

Make informed decision about energy-efficient windows

Thinking about upgrading your home's windows in order to save money through better energy efficiency? The Better Business Bureau and the National Fenestration Rating Council advise that you balance cost effectiveness with energy efficiency, as more efficient windows, doors and...

Zero energy home earns award for New Town Builders

Denver-based New Town Builders has won the "Green Builder Home of the Year/Production Builder" from Green Builder magazine. The award was based upon how the builder constructed the home for top energy efficiency.

Energy efficient smart windows

The U.S. Department of Energy's Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) has awarded a grant of $3 million to researcher Delia Milliron, deputy director of the Molecular Foundry, to develop a new electrochromic window coating that adjusts to changes in weather...

7 tips for building an energy-efficient home

Flipping the light switch as we leave a room or keeping the central heating set to low is good, but today many of us are choosing to go one step further in our commitment to the environment through building energy...

Fresno offers free energy audits to homeowners

The city of Fresno, Calif. is working to help residents save energy and keep money in their pockets through the city's Home Energy Tune-Up Program, according to The Fresno Bee. "It is something that all of us should take advantage...

Doors, windows makes a statement about homeowners

Doors and windows tend to make a statement about the people living inside a home. You get an impression about the owners of a home when you walk up to their front door and take note of the condition and...

Home improvements that help save energy year-round

Want to save more of your hard-earned paycheck? Conduct a quick home improvement checkup to look for potential maintenance needs that can help you save energy year-round."Take time now to inspect your home for potentially energy-wasting areas," said Kathy Krafka...

Green Leaf Inn to exhibit at Greenbuild

Green Leaf Inn is the first net-zero energy hotel being built in North America and the owners will be sharing their story at the upcoming Greenbuild International Conference and Expo on Nov. 14-16, 2012 in San Francisco.

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