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New technology makes grey water reuse simple

Nov. 3, 2014

Re-using greywater is the next frontier in battling drought and rising utility costs, and new technology makes it easier to adapt new or existing homes to use less water.

Greywater is wastewater from bathtubs, showers, bathroom sinks, washing machines, dishwashers, and kitchen sinks - any source other than toilets and urinals. It accounts for the largest portion of wastewater from a typical home, up to 40 gallons per person each day.

Of course, greywater systems are usually cheaper and easier to install during construction of a new home. Re-plumbing an existing building can be expensive and may be impractical.

Greywater can be used for landscape irrigation and for other uses in the home such as flushing toilets.

At Greenbuild 2014, Jim Bell, executive vice president withBio-Microbics, talked with ProudGreenHome.com about some of the waste water treatment technology that can be used in residential installation.

Bell discussed the BioBarrier, the first MBR system certified for residential applications (STD 40, class 1), Nitrogen reduction (STD 245), and Water Reuse (STD 350) by the NSF International organization, an ANSI-accredited institution.

He also talked about the new SciCHLOR Sodium Hypochlorite Generator (OSG) with SciCELL® Technology, to further disinfect water for additional treatment, including rain water harvesting systems as well.

The system provides a method to produce a highly active, meta-stable disinfection solution. Also referred to as “on-site SHG” (sodium hypochlorite generation) systems by the EPA, these systems produce as much sanitizer as needed onsite using three common ingredients: salt, water and electricity.

Using an OSG to replace liquid chlorine deliveries and chlorine gas tank storage in most water treatment and hygiene applications is not only safe; but, very effective as a pathogenic treatment. The SciCHLOR sodium hypochlorite generator comes standard with either integral brine and chlorine tanks (or separated for is available to produce 10 LBS to 80+ LBS of equivalent chlorine per day, the innovative and cost effective SciCHLOR OSG takes concern, expense, and safety risks of using chlorine gas, caustic soda or regular deliveries of liquid chlorine for applications that require large amounts of chlorine, such as water, wastewater and agricultural.

Read more about wastewater treatment systems.

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Companies: Bio-Microbics

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