New Variable Speed Geothermal Heat Pump Can Do It All

Nov. 10, 2017

A new water-to-water geothermal unit can provide heating and cooling as well as hot water for homes.

Greenville, Illinois-based Enertech Global, LLC, the manufacturer of GeoComfort, Hydron Module, and TETCO geothermal heating and cooling systems released the new variable-speed water-to-water geothermal unit.

The company says it is the first variable-speed geothermal system that can do it all in one, compact machine: radiant in-floor heating and cooling, forced air heating and cooling, pool heating, snowmelt, and it can provide 100 percent of the domestic hot water needed.

Similar to cruise control in a car, the variable-speed water-to-water accelerates and decelerates continuously. Since the unit does not stop and start to meet temperature settings, it is 40 percent more efficient than a standard geothermal heating and cooling system, which increases cost-savings for home and building owners. Homeowners using this system in its testing phase have found it to be over 600 percent more efficient than a standard electric heater.

This system will provide a high level of home and building comfort because its outdoor ambient sensor reports temperature feedback to the unit constantly. This allows for the unit to use the lowest possible water temperatures for increased efficiencies, and it eliminates temperature swings to perfectly match desired comfort settings.

In addition to providing heating and cooling, the variable-speed water-to-water can deliver 100 percent of a home’s domestic hot water. Because this all-in-one system is so compact, it creates more usable living space with as little as 25 to 35 square feet required in the mechanical room.

Homes with the goal of achieving net-zero, or close to it, will benefit from this system. As a renewable energy, geothermal is an asset towards going net-zero since it does not burn any fossil fuels. The variable-speed water-to-water has built-in soft start technology, which makes it more efficient than a standard geothermal heat pump. Higher efficiencies require less electricity, which reduces the number of solar panels needed to power the home. 

More technical features of the variable-speed water-to-water include:

  • The same size unit can be programmed for the needs of a 2-ton system to a 5-ton system and anywhere in-between.
  • The exclusive Enertech design includes triple compressor isolation, featuring elastomeric vibration absorption pads, a heavy-gauge compressor isolation plate, and high-density rubber grommets – essentially, this all makes the variable-speed water-to-water very quiet.
  • The system includes an electric immersion heater for high volume demand.
  • Lower water temperatures also mean higher COP’s and significantly reduced energy bills. When testing within AHRI parameters, the variable-speed water-to-water had a COP of 3.9, but in real-life application, the COP has potential to reach over 6.0
  • Integrated variable-speed load pump with plug and play electrical connections
  • System operation LCD control screen for easier installation, service, and to ensure optimal running conditions at a quick glance.
  • When installing, the onboard control includes a time-saving, factory start-up wizard with pre-programmed setup options.
  • The Electronic Expansion Valve offers optimum compressor protection, load matching for comfort, and higher energy savings
  • This system is AHRI Certified to ISO Standards and ETL Certified to UL and CSA Standards

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