Amvic Building System 10 Step Guide

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The following manual is a condensed version of the Amvic Building System Installation Guide. It is a useful tool to take with you to the jobsite as a reminder of the various steps that are involved in Amvic ICF construction.With the right knowledge, tools and materials, your Amvic ICF project will become a more comfortable, energy efficient and sustainable home.

All Amvic forms are designed with FormLockTM technology on all edges of the form. FormLockTM is a pre-formed
interlocking system that holds the courses of block securely together. This prevents movement of the forms during concrete placement and concrete leakage during pouring.

In order to ensure the success of your ICF installation, Amvic offers a unique training program which covers the basics of ICF construction from footing to rafter including floor and roof connections, consolidation, proper rebar placement and much more. Classroom presentations and discussions as well as hands on wall building make this an exciting event.

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