An Arizona City Conserves Precious Resource by Using a Water Saving Device

An Arizona City Conserves Precious Resource by Using a Water Saving DevicePublication Type:
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Arizona is no stranger to water awareness. While the air quality is wonderful, annual rainfall hovers around single digits. In June 2000, the city of Sierra Vista, Ariz., instituted a plumbing code mandating all new residential construction have dedicated hot-water return lines installed. Fast-forward to December 2010, when the city changed the code requiring dedicated return lines to include specific standards for on-demand pump systems. Builders and homeowners were still focusing on the lowest initial cost rather than the lifecycle cost to operate a demand pump, but they began to see a monetary savings in both areas when ACT D’MAND Kontrols® pumping systems were installed.

ACT D'MAND Systems

Advanced Conservation Technology (ACT), Inc. is the environmental leader in conservation products specializing in water and energy. An ACT D'MAND Kontrols® System can greatly reduce the wait time for hot water and the water wasted down the drain.

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