Armstrong Flooring: Linoleum with Naturcote

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Linoleum is a sustainable flooring solution created using natural renewable raw ingredients, and Armstrong's Linoleum with Naturcote is Leed compliant and FloorScore certified. This product combines the timeless beauty of one of the most sustainable flooring products with the superior performance of Armstrong's low maintenance coating.

Download this brochure to view Armstrong's line of Linoleum with Naturcote and learn about:

  • Five designs and 126 colors designed in a organized tonal step system
  • Marmorette, Linorette, Colorette, Uni Walton and Granette designs
  • Superior performance with Naturcote low-maintenance coating
  • Dirt, chemical and discoloration resistant
  • Exclusive adhesive seaming system
  • Rapidly renewable and recycled content
  • Low emitting material

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