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The Blu Origin, modular home is a beautiful green home, suitable for a small single family home, vacation home, or an addition. Blu Homes are both healthy to live in and eco-friendly, as they are built with the highest green standards. The Blu Origin is a versatile design, offering many floor plan options. Blu Origin is also a great choice for an addition. Designed for single-family use, vacation home, or additon, this one story home can be designed to include up to 2 bedrooms, with 0-1 baths, and starts at $82,000 for the shell and $109,000 for the full house. Download this brochure to learn more about specific floor plans, building technologies, and eco-friendly design features.

  • design features
  • eco-friendly features
  • floor plan options
  • energy conservation
  • pricing
  • building technologies

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