Building America House Simulation Protocols

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Special Report

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This report was created to track and manage progress toward Building America's multi-year, average whole-building energy reduction research goals for new construction and existing homes. It summarizes the guidelines for developing and reporting these analytical results in a consistent and meaningful manner for all home energy uses using standard operating conditions.  The U.S. Department of Energy's Building America's research program hopes to encourage a systems engineering approach in design and construction of new homes and retrofits. Some equations to consider in measuring engineering efficiency include:
  • The internal mass of furniture and contents should be equal to 8 lb/ft-squared of conditioned floor space.
  • To determine whether the target energy saving has been met, a house size multiplier shall be applied to all benchmark source energy consumption calculations
  • When applicable, energy tariffs for the house shall be used to deterine whole-building energy costs
  • Peak hourly energy consumption should be reported for every project

Consciously planning a home around a systems engineering approach will yield greener results, improving indoor air quality, comfort and durability and integrating clean, on-site power systems.

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