Camp Virgil Tate - Anua Case Study

Camp Virgil Tate - Anua Case StudyPublication Type:
Case Study

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After several site visits, including a packaged plant that would require expensive ongoing maintenance, it was determined that Bord na Mona’s Purafl o peat fi ber biofi lter was the right solution to meet the camp’s needs. In May 2001, W.J. Clark, Inc. installed a modern, decentralized wastewater system of 104 Purafl o peat fi ber biofi lters in two banks of 52. This ensured suffi cient capacity for the heaviest use periods of the camp.

According to Judith Bostick, campground manager, “The decision was based on Purafl o’s ability to control the intermittent fl ows, overall lower lifecycle cost and ease of maintenance.” The cost of the Purafl o system was one-third the cost of the original proposed packaged plant.

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