Certified Vinyl Siding

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White Paper

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With The VSI's Vinyl Siding Product Certification Program, siding manufacturers certify that their vinyl siding products meet or exceed the industry standard ASTM D3679 for performance by undergoing a series of tests and inspections. By choosing certified vinyl siding for your home you can be sure that it meets or exceeds industry standard for quality and performance, will retain its color, and will be able to withstand the effects of the elements and heavy wind. Be sure to check for the vinyl siding certification label on product packaging or ask you contractor to use certified vinyl siding. Whether residing or building a new home, download this white paper for The Vinyl Siding Institute to learn more about their vinyl siding product certification program and it benefits to homeowners.

  • program information
  • benefits of certified vinyl siding
  • ASTM
  • color retention

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