Cleaning Procedures for Mold

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White Paper

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Successful cleaning of mold requires an clear understanding of the locations of contamination and the reasons why fungal growth has occurred. Unfortunately, hidden mold is almost always greater than that which is visible, therefore it may be necessary to open-up and inspect floor, wall and ceiling structural components in order to estimate the extent of hidden mold growth.

Ultimately, the success of mold cleaning is dependent upon prevention of leaks and dampness that caused the original problem and which can lead to new growth.

Download this white paper to learn about cleaning procedures for mold including:

  • Tne inspection process to identify affected materials
  • The physical removal of colonized materials
  • The removal of settled dusts containing spores
  • The prevention of spores and dusts generated during clean-up
  • The use of appropriate personal protective equipment
  • Air sampling before and after clean-up
  • Cleaning delicate books, papers, and archives

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