Cork Flooring

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Cork is the outer bark of the cork oak tree and is a natural, renewable product that can be used anywhere a resilient floor is needed. Cork generally comes in tiles, planks, or sheets of various sizes, is extremely durable, provides acoustical and thermal insulation, cushions underfoot, is resistant to moisture damage and decay, and is easy to clean and maintain. A wide range of patterns are available and can be found in natural, tinted, and vividly colored shades.

Download this document from Build It Green to learn about manufacturers and suppliers of Cork Flooring and about the following benefits of this flooring choice:

  • Made of natural ingredients
  • No dioxin produced in in the manfacturing process
  • Low off-gassing from natural oils
  • Renewable and biodegradable
  • 50+ year lifespan
  • Low flame spread and emissions
  • Easily maintained
  • Inherently anti-static and therefore repels dust and dirt
  • Highly abrasion resistant
  • Potentially contributes to obtaining credits in LEED certification program

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