Electrolux Duel-Fuel Freestanding Range With Wave-Touch Controls

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Electrolux duel-fuel freestanding ranges combine the power of a gas cooktop with the precision of an electric oven. Powerful 16,000 BTU sealed burners combine with 5,000 to 500 BTU Precision Burners for a wealth of cooking flexibility, and Perfect Pair Ovens provide the utmost baking, broiling, and roasting capacity. Download this brochure to learn about additional design features including:

  • Perfect Turkey Button
  • Luxury Glide Oven Racks
  • PerfectConvect
  • Wave-Touch Controls
  • Luxury-Design Lighting
  • Luxury-Hold Door
  • My Favorite Settings
  • Hidden Bake Element
  • Sure-2-Fit Capacity
  • Continuous Grates
  • Deep-Well Design
  • Power Burner

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