Energy Conservation and Indoor Air Quality: Benefits of Achieving Both in Homes

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White Paper

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Homeowners cite having a healthier place to live, energy savings, and environmental conservation as the top three reasons for buying green homes. Homeowners' desire for healthy indoor environments ranks right up there with energy and environmental conservation, but builders tend to focus more on the latter in their selection of green building features. While these features are excellent choices for lowering energy costs and conserving water, they may inadvertently contribute to poor indoor air quality (IAQ).

Those involved in building and renovating homes should strive towards giving equal emphasis to energy efficiency and protecting occupant health (good IAQ). This white paper looks specifically at energy and IAQ in homes and examines the topics of:

  • Who is most at risk from indoor air pollution
  • Common indoor air contaminants found in homes
  • Sources and health impacts of indoor air contaminants
  • Steps that can be taken to achieve energy efficiency and good IAQ

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