Envirolet Composting Toilets

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You cannot get any more environmentally friendly than a waterless composting toilet. Most conventional toilet systems such as septic tanks were not developed with the environment in mind, so they are often a cause of unnecessary pollution. Composting is nature's method of renewing itself by reducing and recycling waste into natural compost, while using little or no water in the process.

Download this brochure about the Envirolet Composting Toilet to learn how these systems work, benefits of selecting a composting toilet, and features and specifications of different models. Topics discussed include:

  • The science and nature of composting toilets
  • Envirolet systems and applications
  • Waterless self-contained toilet
  • Waterless remote toilet
  • Low water remote toilet
  • Features and installation
  • Standards and certifications
  • Warranty and support

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