Envirolet Vacuum Flush Composting Toilet System

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Envirolet Vacuum Flush system combines a vacuum flush toilet with a composting toilet system. The Envirolet VF is a fusion of proven technologies that delivers a sanitation system that is attractive and modern, installs almost anywhere and is friendly to the environment. The Envirolet VF is ideal for your cottage, cabin, home, pool cabana, work shop, garage, farm or anywhere a conventional toilet system is not feasible or undesirable.

Download this brochure to learn about the Envirolet Vacuum Flush system. Topics include:

  • The science behind the Envirolet VF
  • Three main system components
  • How the toilet works
  • Envirolet VF models and how to choose
  • VF300 Series
  • VF700 Series
  • Internal workings of the VF system
  • Operating and maintaining the VF system
  • Ratings and certifications

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