Estimating PV System Size and Cost

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Fact Sheet

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Photovoltaic energy generating systems (PV systems) convert the sun's energy directly into electricity and can be off-grid or grid-connected. Off-grid systems are the sole source of power to a home or other device and grid-connected systems supplement existing electrical service from a utility company.

Both types of systems require specific components such as PV modules, inverter, and battery storage, and the final cost of the system depends on the sizing of the modules.

Download this fact sheet to generate a size estimate and total cost for your PV system needs. Topics discussed include:

  • Calculating PV system load
  • Estimating available sunlight
  • Determining PV array size
  • Designing battery bank size
  • Calculating the PV system costs
  • Comparing the PV system to alternatives
  • Reducing energy needs by design

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