EWS Home Spectrum Series | Central Whole House Water Filtration

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The most versatile and best-selling whole home filtration appliance in the USA. And for good reason.

  • Filter all the water in your home with one system.
  • World-class EWS quality and performance.
  • Trusted by hospitals, health care centers, military, and hundreds of thousands of private homes worldwide.
  • Inhibits hard water build-up in pipes and on surfaces.
  • Absolutely no salts, chlorides, metal resins, or chemicals.
  • Hassle-free and low maintenance.
  • Quick and easy install, just like a water heater.
  • Made in the USA, meets or exceeds all compliances.
  • Protects you and your family from chlorine, THMs, VOCs, pesticides, and more than 80,000 chemicals in tap water.

Environmental Water Systems

Environmental Water Systems' (EWS) long-lasting water filtration systems provide clean water, creating a healthier home. Water filtration systems are good for skin and hair health, help prevent cancer by removing carcinogenic compounds, and alleviate symptoms associated with asthma, allergies and other health problems.

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