GE's Nucleus with Brillion Technology: Knowledge Leads to Control

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For most homeowners, opening the electric bill results in either a pleasant surprise or, more typically, an unpleasant shock. Most have very little idea how much energy they have used until that moment, and then is too late to do anything about it. GE's Nucleus with Brillion Technology changes all that and puts the control in the hands of the consumer.

Nucleus shows consumers real-time energy usage, as well as usage history, so they can control not only how much electricity they are using, but when they use it. Ideally, homeowners will shift non-essential energy usage to off-peak time periods when energy rates are less.

Download this brochure to learn about how to take charge of your energy bill with Nucleus with Brillion Technology. Topics include:

  • Coupling smart meters with Nucleus technology
  • Real-time monitoring of energy usage
  • Analyzing historical usage and trends
  • Monitoring utility rates
  • Automatic thermostat control
  • Integrating Nucleus technology with smart appliances
  • Nucleus dimensions and installation information

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