Green by Design: 7 Steps to Green Building

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White Paper

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You can't tell if a home is green just by looking at it. That's good news for the homeowner, because it means your green home can be just about any style you choose. And, you can't tell a green home by the price either. You can spend huge sums being an "eco-consumer", purchasing every high-efficiency gadget on the market, or you can make your house green using simple, economical materials and good design.

Download this document to learn about the seven steps to green building including:

  • Assessing your needs for living in your green home
  • Assembling your building or remodeling team
  • Designing your home for your geographical conditions
  • Choosing the appropriate green materials for your particular conditions
  • Choosing the right mechanical and electrical systems
  • Getting maximum benefit from your site and landscape
  • Maintaining your new green home

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