Green Home Remodel: Healthy Homes for a Healthy Environment - Landscape Materials

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When considering landscaping, naturally plants come to mind, but there are many other outside elements which contribute to the way your home presents itself to the world. If these elements are chosen without proper care, they can create a variety of problems, from lessening your home’s street appeal to releasing toxic chemicals, increasing the likelihood of flooding, and polluting the greater environment.

A green landscape remodel can help you realize many benefits from a single smart design. With careful planning, you can create an outdoor environment that combines beauty, efficiency, comfort and convenience with health and conservation.

Download this fact sheet to learn about ecologically superior landscaping products in a range of styles to complement your home and personal tastes. This guide will help you identify the landscape materials that meet your personal priorities.  Included are discussions of:

  • Patios, walkways and paths
  • Mulching materials
  • Decking choices
  • Fences, trellises and arbors
  • Rockeries and raised beds
  • Sheds and greenhouses
  • Irrigation systems
  • Rainwater harvesting

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