Green Home Remodel: Healthy Homes for a Healthy Environment - Painting

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Fact Sheet

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Few things can dramatically change a home's interior or exterior so quickly and cheaply as a new coat of paint. But paint products and the painting process itself can compromise indoor air quality and create unexpected hazards. By selecting the least toxic options and taking careful precautions, you can avoid compromising indoor air quality and your personal health.

This document will help you learn about choosing paint products that not only spruce up your home, but save money, and protect the health of both your family and the environment. Download this document to review the topics of:

  • Lead-based paint hazards
  • The least toxic products for the job
  • Low-VOC paints
  • Different types of paints and their applications
  • Recycled paint
  • Paint primer
  • Minimizing waste and leftover paint
  • Best tools for the project
  • Surface preparation and removing old paint
  • Painting problems and solutions
  • Cleanup and storage
  • Maintenance of your newly painted surfaces

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