Green Home Remodel: Healthy Homes for a Healthy Environment - Salvage and Reuse

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Fact Sheet

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Any remodel results in a variety of items being discarded. Fortunately, more options exist today for reusing and recycling used building materials. A number of retail locations and online resources now accept and offer salvaged building materials making it possible to not only minimize your remodeling waste, but incorporate "new" recycled items into your project.

This guide focuses on reusing salvaged building materials. Salvage refers to the recovery of resources that may otherwise be destined for the landfill. Reuse means integrating these salvaged materials into a remodel project.

Download this document to learn about incorporating these elements into your project including:

  • The continual influence of salvaged products on your remodling plans
  • The need for flexibility in your plans
  • Avoiding the introduction of new hazards with salvaged materials
  • Designing waste out of a project
  • Deconstructing rather than demolishing
  • When not to reuse
  • Examples of materials generally available for reuse

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