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Over many years, people have learned to keep their houses clean in order to avoid diseases and infection, and to help us do this, we have created a wide variety of cleaning products and disinfectants. Unfortunately, the cleaning product is frequently more dangerous than the things we are trying to clean.

Many common household products contain alcohols, ammonia, bleach, formaldehyde, and lye which may cause many health issues. Additionally, cleaning chemicals and pesticides routinely find their way into drinking water, lakes, and streams, adversely affecting plant and animal life and threatening public health.

This fact sheet from Build It Green addresses how to keep your home looking its best, while at the same time, providing a safe environment for the inhabitants. Download this document to learn about strategies for:

  • Keeping your home as free from chemicals as possible
  • Minimizing chemical exposure due to household cleaning products
  • Minimizing the use of chemical pesticides
  • Keeping the house free from dust buildup

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