Green Power Marketing in the United States: A Status Report

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Special Report

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This report documents green power marketing activities and trends in the United States, focusing on consumer decisions to purchase electricity supplied from renewable energy sources. The green power market continues to exhibit strong growth and demand-drive stimulus. The following market trends were identified in this report include:


  • Green power purchases are providing support for a significant fraction of new renewable energy projects nationally
  • Wind energy provided 62 percent of green power sales, followed by biomass energy sources including landfill gas, 23 percent, geothermal, 7 percent, hydropower, 6 percent, and solar, 1 percent.
  • In 2006, total market sales increased by about 40 percent, much of this growth driven by REC sales to nonresidential consumers
  • Utility green pricing premiums have continued to fall, owing to a combination of higher prices of conventional generation fuels and lower renewable resource costs.

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