Hydrotect from TOTO - Makes Surfaces Easier to Clean

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Makes Surfaces Easier to Clean

HYDROTECT surfaces are hydrophilic, attracting water. Hydroxyl group attracts water molecules, so water spreads to form a thin film under dirt, lifting it off of the surface. The dirt is easily removed with simple cleaning on interior surfaces, without the use of harsh chemicals, and by rainwater on exteriors.

What amazing technology can clean naturally with rain, purify the air and create more hygienic surfaces? The answer is HYDROTECT from TOTO, an environmental cleaning technology that harnesses the power of light and water to clean surfaces of dirt and grime—automatically. It can be used effectively in numerous applications, from exterior walls and glass to interior walls and floors. Thanks to its antimicrobial*, anti-mold, and anti-odor capabilities, HYDROTECT also helps you keep the air and the environment cleaner and healthier.

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