Indoor Air Quality Info Sheet- Mold in My Home: What Do I Do?

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White Paper

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Mold can being to grow in your home under a variety of conditions such as humidity or wetness, by water leaks, spills, or condensation. Spores produced by these molds can cause a variety of health problems, affecting people differently. Some people experience little or no problems, while others can experience running nose, watery eyes, and even difficulty breathing.. These molds can trigger asthma attacks in some people. Additionally, some molds produce toxins and can cause severe health problems. This white paper discusses procedures to safely remove mold from your home including, removal of moldy materials and how to safely clean and disinfect mold areas. Download this white paper for more details on mold and how to eliminate it from your home.

  • facts about mold
  • health effects
  • detection of mold
  • general clean up procedures

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